i4Urban awareness

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Ensure citizens are empowered to participate

The i4Urban awareness offering is meant to engage stakeholders. All in order to optimize the success of your city’s program.
Too often we see a lack of communication around on itself quite promising programs. As a result people feel left out, assuming they are not part of the program, immediately leading to a lower impact of the deliverables.
Likewise, since the audience, the citizens/businesses may not feel they are represented – the program would be destined to fail.

Empowering all stakeholders will – not surprisingly – always increase the return on the investment made in the program.

i4Urban awareness facilitates the execution of stakeholder management ambitions.
Structured along a few core dimensions:

  • Communication about the program, project
  • Consultation of key people/members of the affected entities
  • Leveraging input of stakeholder in the (execution of the) programs

Similarly, the engagement of citizens, businesses, organizational entities is targeted by the i4Urban awareness service:

  • Early and proactive outbound communication
  • Encourage the ‘audience’ to inquire, propose, express, take part and assume responsibility
  • Organize inclusion and collaboration