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Innovations in the city – clarity in the cloud

Information Technology plays an indisputable role in realizing the cities’ ambitions. This has been true for quite some decades. Automation of internal city operations, application of technology in the city ecosystem, deployment of technological solutions across town – cities basically can’t do without to support liveability for their citizens and businesses.

Technology has become a determining factor in the implementation of pretty much every policy or political dream. Dreams that are even more encouraged with the arrival of the level of connectivity that we experience today – the internet in all its manifestations, in mobile technology, the services offered through the cloud, the internet of things.

The i4Urban innovations offering is meant to bring the reality back into the perceived role technology plays. Bringing the citizens back behind the steering wheel, through a collaborative approach.
This is accomplished by structured guidance to – quite traditional – determine the required development of IT based solutions and their place in the city’s IT architecture.

  • Collecting input from those who matter most: the citizens, businesses, visitors
  • Portfolio analysis of existing IT solutions and capabilities in the city ecosystem
  • Applying the outcomes of earlier assessments to define a road-map for the city
  • Collating a solution map consisting of required capabilities and processes
  • Laying out an architecture suiting the needs of the city stakeholders
  • Setting the outline of a procurement cycle

The city certainly needs engineers, but the city should not be controlled by engineers. The citizen experience should be the main motivation to apply technology in the right way. i4Urban innovations is your start.