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i4Urban is the vehicle to help (local) governments bring back the human dimension into their digital strategy.

With an ‘eye for urban‘ matters we are there 4u.
i4Urban. Dotting the i’s.

We believe that the strong attention to what is labeled as ‘Smart City‘ has led to an overwhelming array of solutions that is leading to a lot of misconceptions in the average city council.
Vendors, technology providers, consultants keep on pushing their offerings to cities that may not yet be ready to fully understand the impact of these promises.

i4Urban’s mission is to help cities get the reality back into the discussion. A reality that requires a cross-discipline approach, breaking down the silos that exist in most organizations.

To this end we assess and compare the city’s aspirations, validate those with the actual accomplishments, translate them in concrete requirements, engage the right stakeholders, support potential procurement cycles.
A structured offering is provided to streamline this process.