i4Urban services

i4Urban services

Bringing reality back in the city

The i4Urban service offering focuses on bridging the gap between high level political and program expectations and the reality of making it happen in the urban society.

Facilitation, guidance, assessments, workshops, education, awareness are the keywords. Services that are instrumental to identify gaps, assess the citizens’ journey, to uncover quick wins, to define meaningful solutions.

  • i4Urban scan helps cities understand how their aspirations match with reality, in order to develop a sound follow up program
  • i4Urban awareness facilitates the participation of stakeholders in the city programs, focusing on maximum empowerment

Mobility and Public Safety are focus areas of i4Urban. Always regarded as part of the larger and overarching city challenges, yet focused on getting to realistic, clear action plans.

  • i4Urban mobility is meant to incite collaboration between key players in the mobility domain, bridging perceived differences, geared towards an optimal citizen experience
  • i4Urban safety provides an assessment of the public safety drivers, the actual safety situation, the citizens’ perception; supporting the implementation of a resilient, safe city operation

Information Technology as an enabler, with citizen engagement as the human driver. Smart Cities may be seen as pure technology motivated. The reality however shows that technology is only a relatively small part of a solution.

  • i4Urban cloud helps to identify the real value of technology for a city. IT developments like Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Customer Experience and Mobile will be valued against the backdrop of the city operational and societal expectations.