iemke idsingh

Enjoyed the majority of 30+ years serving public sector customers, projects and initiatives I’m able to bring perspective in nowadays digital transformation challenges. With this long standing experience in advisory roles and consultative positions in the Information Technology industry I am a reliable go-to person for advice across the IT value stack.

iemke idsingh - dotting the i'sHaving had the privilege of meeting many cities across the globe, from Europe to Asia, from the Americas to Africa, I’m inspired to share knowledge and experience with you. Seasoned to help you uncover the reality underneath this much hyped Smart City umbrella.

You will find me defining vision, developing architectures and delivering concrete solutions. Instrumental in setting requirements, creating propositions, curating knowledge, delivering presentations, papers, and collateral. My hands-on attitude combined with an excellent feeling for structure and dedication to detail, allows me to produce deliverables and contextual stories to win the hearts and minds of stakeholders. Managing change with convincing artifacts.

To me, turning ideas into reality is all about communication: listening, translating, connecting, summarizing and applying what I learn from stakeholders. No matter what level of people I’m confronted with, my inquiring, empathetic and receptive mind will dot the i’s, bridge gaps and bring forward accepted innovative solutions. Being recognized as an integer, trustworthy and stable person, I am the ideal candidate to achieve consensus and win-win results in complex settings. In essence, I’m your trusted adviser.

Facilitation, Coaching

iemke idsingh - facilitating smart city workshopsI am an analytical and conceptually strong facilitator, linking people’s ideas and challenges to real world solutions. Let me merge the human perspective with my structured approach to address perceived societal challenges of governments and cities. My curiosity, a broad interest in multiple disciplines and intuition for solutions help me to find answers in a creative, yet realistic way.

My interpersonal skills form the basis to coach and stimulate the exchange of ideas, to overcome differences and to achieve results that provide openings for next steps. Goal oriented and with the aspirations of key stakeholders in mind, I will interpret, translate and articulate conclusions that provide an optimal outcome. It helped me to convince customers, business partners, and colleagues in shaping their programs, mitigating risks, opening business opportunities, delivering project results.

International Public Sector experience

Having experienced many transitions, modernizations, innovations in the Public Sector space – across the globe – makes me a strong contributor to achieve results. Leading strategic, architectural, functional and technical discussions I can help (local) governments to achieve their transformational aspirations. Matching government needs through innovative solutions.

As a believer in cross-disciplinary fertilization, I’m sure we will find a fruitful way to to collaborate.