i4Urban mobility

i4Urban mobility

Improve your citizens’ mobility experience

Mobility is the key factor in citizens’ daily life. The practicalities to move from A to B. But clearly also heavily impacting the sustainability of cities. Maximizing the mobility while keeping an eye on the green agenda. With challenges to maximize the transport infrastructure, influence the commuters behavior, improve the accessibility while keeping the city liveable.

i4Urban mobility is geared towards achieving a better understanding of the overarching mobility challenges.
This service offering will help cities to identify where organizational solutions can be enabled by technological innovations. Spanning the wide spectrum of the mobility domain the full mobility experience will be assessed. Experience of travelers, commuters and transporters alike.

The i4Urban mobility approach is to combine a sample of dimensions focused on the mobility context at hand, sourced from a repository of methods and best practices.

  • Compile an inventory of existing mobility policies, implementations, manifestations
  • Interpret the political, regulatory, societal aspirations on mobility
  • Assess the return on existing infrastructural asset investments
  • Monitor and report on the end-to-end transport experience
  • Define a road-map to improve mobility
  • Mobilization of stakeholders
  • Prepare the route for change

Clearly, per the broad nature of the mobility domain, the i4Urban mobility service will be fine-tuned to ensure maximum match with any given setting.