i4Urban safety

i4Urban safety

A liveable city is a safe city

Safety manifests itself in many ways, touching multiple domains of the city operation. From park management to traffic control, from crime investigation to education. Safe cities are those cities where people communicate with people, where sensors and senses help to close the loop between humans and technology, where disciplines across society collaborate. Like in any nervous system that is designed to maximize resilience.

The ambition to improve public safety with a simple method would be too unrealistic. There are too many aspects to consider, leave alone there would be a single approach that fits all.

The i4Urban safety service offering is, given this context, a starting point. A way to

  • Help cities define the broader safety vision
  • Set the expectations amongst both the city leadership and society
  • Take stock of the current achievements across the city departments
  • Discover the potential for collaboration across city disciplines
  • Define practical ways to realize public safety ambitions

The i4Urban safety program will recognize the potential for alignment across town, like between

  • Public Safety agencies
  • Public Transport operators
  • Regulatory and inspection bodies
  • Public Works and Infrastructure disciplines

The undervalued role and potential of information technology will be uncovered. i4Urban safety will address the roadmap to innovate.