i4Urban scan

i4Urban Scan

Benchmark your Smart City aspirations

i4Urban scan provides cities the opportunity to assess how they compare against citizen’s expectations and to understand where they are in terms of maturity accomplishing ‘smart city’ aspirations.

Exploiting the wide variety of assessment methods available in the respective urban disciplines, an i4Urban scan will produce the intelligence to develop well informed decisions on the path of innovation of society. Insight that helps cities to manage change, influence stakeholders, create awareness and to assign focused budgets.

The i4Urban scan results form the basis for a framework within city leaders can decide – following a structured approach:

  • Initial validation of the scope of the assessment
  • Choice of assessment models and benchmark mechanisms
  • Intense period of interviews with stakeholders across disciplines
  • Alignment (workshops) of intermediate results
  • Publication and sharing of the i4Urban scan outcomes
  • Setting goals to further exploit the findings

An i4Urban scan does require quite some commitment from the relevant stakeholders – in time and effort and clearly in being prepared to collaborate with an open mind.